Commit 2ea43e1c authored by Angus Ainslie's avatar Angus Ainslie Committed by Guido Gunther
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Document changes and release 0.0.18pureos1

Signed-off-by: default avatarAngus Ainslie <>
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librem5-devkit-tools (0.0.18pureos2) byzantium; urgency=medium
[ Dorota Czaplejewicz ]
* ci: Build arm64 package too
[ Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras ]
* ci: drop --dist parameter to use the defaults
[ Angus Ainslie ]
* librem5-devkit.conf: set the operating mode to bluetooth EDR
-- Angus <> Mon, 09 Aug 2021 05:57:39 -0700
librem5-devkit-tools (0.0.17pureos1) byzantium; urgency=medium
* tests: Check for CSI controller
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