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Added instructions for creating a standalone source dump with copyright and license information.

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Installing to a standard system location will generally require `sudo` to be
## Creating Standalone Information
The `tools` directory of the source repository contains two scripts that can
be used to create a standalone collection of pages for publishing.
The `` tool is used to mount an uncompressed disk
image for the phone and update its internal `/etc/apt/sources.list` file with
source links. For example, it can be run in the following way to mount the
`/tmp/librem5.img` disk image at `/tmp/mnt` before updating its sources:
``` bash
mkdir /tmp/mnt
sudo tools/ /tmp/librem5.img /tmp/mnt
Once this has finished, it will prompt you to run the ``
script with appropriate arguments like these:
``` bash
tools/ -d Evergreen /tmp/mnt /tmp/output
In this case, the script will create a set of pages for the Evergreen release
based on the contents of the disk image mounted at `/tmp/mnt` and write them
to the `/tmp/output` directory. It will also include copyright and license
files, as well as provide links to the sources and metadata files in the apt
repository. The `-d` option also downloads sources and metadata files for
future reference, making them available for inspection or auditing.
The output directory can then be copied to a server for publication.
## License
The source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or
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