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Allow for multiple versions of a package in different suites

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......@@ -418,19 +418,20 @@ class Worker:
for source in deb822.Sources.iter_paragraphs(open(sources_file)):
names = [source['Package']]
version = source['Version']
names += [piece.strip() for piece in source['Binary'].split(',')]
for name in names:
if name not in self.sources:
self.sources[name] = source
self.sources[(name, version)] = source
i += 1
yield (suite_name, i, total)
def get_source_files(self, name):
def get_source_files(self, name, version):
source = self.sources[name]
source = self.sources[(name, version)]
except KeyError:
return None
......@@ -714,7 +715,7 @@ class Worker:
output_text += '</table>\n'
# Read source files.
info = self.get_source_files(name)
info = self.get_source_files(name, version)
if info:
output_text += ('<h2>Source Files</h2>\n\n'
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