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Known Issues
This page contains lists of known issues for each iteration of the Librem 5.
See the :ref:`librem_5_troubleshooting` page for additional guidance on how to diagnose and fix problems with your phone.
* After being powered down, the phone can be difficult to power up again.
The solution is to unplug the USB cable, then press the power button for 15-18 seconds.
This problem is related to a software issue: `Power Button Not Turning Device Back On <linux-next-109_>`_
* Call audio routing is not functioning completely.
This issue will be fixed in an upcoming system update.
* The battery installed in the phone is labelled with a capacity of 2000 mAh.
This is a conservative estimate of the capacity. Later iterations of the phone should have higher capacity batteries.
* Power management and heat issues are caused by various subsystems. The processor will be run more slowly to prevent overheating, affecting processing performance.
* The phone may sometimes restart when turning the modem on using the kill switch.
This depends on the modem in use. BroadMobi BM818-A1/E1 modems do not seem to be affected.
* The phone may restart if you remove or insert the SIM card while it is powered.
This is due to the type of SIM tray in use. Users should power off the phone before replacing SIM cards.
......@@ -44,8 +44,9 @@ Additional Package Contents
The Librem 5 is supplied with the following components and accessories:
* Battery (installed)
* Empty tray for nano-SIM and microSD cards (built-in)
* USB A to USB C cable
* Empty tray for nano-SIM and microSD cards (built-in) and extraction tool
* USB C to USB C cable
* Mains power adapter
* Headphones
If any of these are missing, please contact Purism support for guidance.
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ You will need the following item:
These optional items can also be installed
* microSD card
* 3FF format Smart card
* 2FF format Smart card
Install the Nano-SIM Card and microSD Card
......@@ -39,11 +39,12 @@ Charge the Phone
The phone will need to be charged before it can be used.
#. Connect the phone to the charger via the USB cable provided
#. Place the phone on a flat, hard, level surface
#. Plug the charger into a mains power supply
#. Place the phone on a flat, hard, level surface
#. Connect the phone to the charger via the USB cable provided
Leave the phone to charge until the power indicator shows a reasonable level of charge.
Leave the phone to charge for at least an hour.
until the power indicator shows a reasonable level of charge.
Power on the Phone
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.. _librem_5_troubleshooting:
.. contents::
LED Colors and Charging Problems
The phone's indicator light uses different light emitting diodes (LEDs) to display different colors *during boot-up* to indicate which tasks the phone is performing and may flash to report problems. The table below explains the meaning of these colors.
| Color | Description |
| Red | The phone is charging. |
| Red (flashing) | There is a problem with charging. |br| |
| | :ref:`See below <librem_5_troubleshooting_charging>` |
| | for advice. |
| Green | The U-Boot bootloader has started running. |
| Green (flashing) | A boot-loop in the bootloader. |br| |
| | :ref:`See below <librem_5_troubleshooting_boot_loop>` |
| | for advice. |
| Yellow | The bootloader has started the kernel but there is |
| | insufficient power to continue. |br| |
| | :ref:`See below <librem_5_troubleshooting_kernel>` |
| | for advice. |
Once the phone has started the operating system the red LED is *currently not used* to indicate charging. See the charge indicator at the top of the display for the battery status and charge level.
.. _librem_5_troubleshooting_charging:
.. note:: Ensure that you use the charger supplied with the phone as this can supply 10 W of power.
A lit red indicator light with no flashing indicates that the phone is charging normally.
If the light flashes red once per second, there is a problem with the charge controller. Contact Purism support for further guidance.
If the light flashes red at a different rate, the power supply is not providing enough power to charge the battery. Try the steps in the :ref:`librem_5_troubleshooting_recharging` section below.
.. _librem_5_troubleshooting_boot_loop:
A flashing green light is a symptom of the bootloader starting followed by a reset as a result of insufficient power. This is usually the result of a battery charging issue. Follow the steps below to work around the problem:
#. Hold down the Volume Up button for 5 seconds to enable trickle-charging.
#. Let the battery charge for an hour or more.
#. Unplug the USB cable from the phone.
#. Hold down the power button for 15 seconds.
#. The light should appear green.
#. Plug in the USB charging cable.
If the above steps do not help, try the steps in the :ref:`librem_5_troubleshooting_recharging` section below.
.. _librem_5_troubleshooting_kernel:
If the light is yellow, the bootloader is trying to load the kernel but has already determined that there is insufficient power to succeed for one of the following reasons:
* The battery voltage is low and the USB C cable was not plugged in before the bootloader ran the USB power check.
* The battery voltage is low and so is the USB charging current.
* The battery voltage is zero and the USB current is too low.
Try disabling the modem and WLAN by pushing their kill switches in the down positions, towards the center of the phone.
Follow the charging procedure in the :ref:`librem_5_troubleshooting_recharging` section below.
.. _librem_5_troubleshooting_recharging:
Recharging Procedure
This procedure should charge the phone if the battery is not providing enough current:
#. Press the Volume Up button and hold it.
#. Press and hold the power button for 19 seconds while keeping the Volume Up button held.
#. After 19 seconds has passed, keep holding Volume Up, but release the power button.
#. Plug in the provided USB C charger into the phone.
#. The indicator light should be red. |br|
If the light is red then the battery is charging. Release the Volume Up button and continue to step 6. |br|
If the light remains off, try repeating steps 1-5.
#. When the red light turns off the battery is fully charged.
#. After the red light turns off, unplug the charger, then press and hold the power button for 15 to 18 seconds until you see a green light.
#. Release the power button and the phone should boot up.
There should be no need to remove the battery to perform this sequence of steps.
Reflashing the Phone
To erase the existing image on the internal eMMC and install a new image, you need to download the appropriate version of the ``uuu`` tool and related scripts.
This process is described in the Librem 5 Developer Documentation.
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