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......@@ -16,11 +16,27 @@ To build:
make update html
To build a binary Debian package:
This should cause the `Librem_5` submodule to be updated if there are new commits
in the [core user documentation repository](
If the submodule has been updated, you will need to commit the change to the
`Librem_5` directory.
To build a binary Debian package for testing:
debuild -b -us -uc
This can be copied to the phone and installed using `dpkg`.
## Updating the Debian package for the phone
The `.gitlab-ci.yml` file will cause a new `deb` package to be built
automatically. However, a signed tag is needed for the package to be built by
the [Continuous Integration server](
See the [Core Workflow](
section of the Librem 5 [developer documentation](
for guidance.
## Copyright and License Information
Copyright: Copyright (C) 2019 Purism SPC
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