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    f2fs: give an option to enable in-place-updates during fsync to users · c1ce1b02
    Jaegeuk Kim authored
    If user wrote F2FS_IPU_FSYNC:4 in /sys/fs/f2fs/ipu_policy, f2fs_sync_file
    only starts to try in-place-updates.
    And, if the number of dirty pages is over /sys/fs/f2fs/min_fsync_blocks, it
    keeps out-of-order manner. Otherwise, it triggers in-place-updates.
    This may be used by storage showing very high random write performance.
    For example, it can be used when,
    Seq. writes (Data) + wait + Seq. writes (Node)
    is pretty much slower than,
    Rand. writes (Data)
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJaegeuk Kim <jaegeuk@kernel.org>
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