Commit 03c91322 authored by Paul Moore's avatar Paul Moore

credits: update Paul Moore's info

This info is hilariously out of date, let's pick something that will
hopefully be less transient.
Signed-off-by: default avatarPaul Moore <>
parent 2a764b52
...@@ -2606,11 +2606,9 @@ E: ...@@ -2606,11 +2606,9 @@ E:
D: bug fixes, documentation, minor hackery D: bug fixes, documentation, minor hackery
N: Paul Moore N: Paul Moore
E: E:
D: NetLabel author W:
S: Hewlett-Packard D: NetLabel, SELinux, audit
S: 110 Spit Brook Road
S: Nashua, NH 03062
N: James Morris N: James Morris
E: E:
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