Commit 12391d07 authored by J. Bruce Fields's avatar J. Bruce Fields

nfsd: remove redundant zero-length check from create

lookup_one_len already has this check.

The only effect of this patch is to return access instead of perm in the
0-length-filename case.  I actually prefer nfserr_perm (or _inval?), but
I doubt anyone cares.

The isdotent check seems redundant too, but I worry that some client
might actually care about that strange nfserr_exist error.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJ. Bruce Fields <>
parent 7eed34f1
......@@ -251,9 +251,6 @@ nfsd_proc_create(struct svc_rqst *rqstp, struct nfsd_createargs *argp,
/* Check for NFSD_MAY_WRITE in nfsd_create if necessary */
nfserr = nfserr_acces;
if (!argp->len)
goto done;
nfserr = nfserr_exist;
if (isdotent(argp->name, argp->len))
goto done;
......@@ -1154,9 +1154,6 @@ nfsd_create(struct svc_rqst *rqstp, struct svc_fh *fhp,
__be32 err2;
int host_err;
err = nfserr_perm;
if (!flen)
goto out;
err = nfserr_exist;
if (isdotent(fname, flen))
goto out;
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