Commit 31b08561 authored by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak's avatar Sebastian Krzyszkowiak Committed by Martin Kepplinger
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net: wireless: redpine: Silence PS request messages

When power save mode is enabled it generates a lot of noise in dmesg.
Storing all this noise in the system journal is unlikely to be power
parent a35418cb
......@@ -2543,11 +2543,9 @@ int rsi_send_ps_request(struct rsi_hw *adapter, bool enable)
(RSI_WIFI_MGMT_Q << 12));
ps->desc_word[1] = cpu_to_le16(WAKEUP_SLEEP_REQUEST);
if (enable) {
printk("<=====Sending PS Enable request ======>\n");
ps->ps_sleep.enable = 1;
ps->desc_word[6] = SLEEP_REQUEST;
} else {
printk("<=====Sending PS Disable request ======>\n");
ps->ps_sleep.enable = 0;
ps->desc_word[0] |= BIT(15);
ps->desc_word[6] = WAKEUP_REQUEST;
......@@ -2583,8 +2581,6 @@ int rsi_send_ps_request(struct rsi_hw *adapter, bool enable)
ps->ps_listen_interval = 0;
skb_put(skb, frame_len);
rsi_hex_dump(ERR_ZONE, "ps-request",
skb->data, skb->len);
return rsi_send_internal_mgmt_frame(common, skb);
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