Commit 32a243df authored by Jim Mattson's avatar Jim Mattson Committed by Paolo Bonzini
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kvm: x86: Include multiple indices with CPUID leaf 0x8000001d

Per the APM, "CPUID Fn8000_001D_E[D,C,B,A]X reports cache topology
information for the cache enumerated by the value passed to the
instruction in ECX, referred to as Cache n in the following
description. To gather information for all cache levels, software must
repeatedly execute CPUID with 8000_001Dh in EAX and ECX set to
increasing values beginning with 0 until a value of 00h is returned in
the field CacheType (EAX[4:0]) indicating no more cache descriptions
are available for this processor."

The termination condition is the same as leaf 4, so we can reuse that
code block for leaf 0x8000001d.

Fixes: 8765d753

 ("KVM: X86: Extend CPUID range to include new leaf")
Cc: Brijesh Singh <>
Cc: Borislav Petkov <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJim Mattson <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarMarc Orr <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarBorislav Petkov <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarPaolo Bonzini <>
parent 319f6f97
......@@ -456,8 +456,9 @@ static inline int __do_cpuid_ent(struct kvm_cpuid_entry2 *entry, u32 function,
/* function 4 has additional index. */
case 4: {
/* functions 4 and 0x8000001d have additional index. */
case 4:
case 0x8000001d: {
int i, cache_type;
......@@ -702,8 +703,6 @@ static inline int __do_cpuid_ent(struct kvm_cpuid_entry2 *entry, u32 function,
case 0x8000001a:
case 0x8000001d:
/*Add support for Centaur's CPUID instruction*/
case 0xC0000000:
/*Just support up to 0xC0000004 now*/
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