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Document changes and release 5.11.11pureos1 of linux-librem5

Signed-off-by: Martin Kepplinger's avatarMartin Kepplinger <>
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linux-librem5 (5.11.11pureos1) byzantium; urgency=medium
[ Martin Kepplinger ]
* [62b801d] mx6s_capture: cr2: don't set bayer starting point
* [2c26f23] hi846: cleanup pixelformat and captureparm
* [ced962f] hi846: clean up getting the current mode
* [032b219] hi846: clean up test pattern setting
* [094c98a] hi846: cleanup debug output
* [54c6d6e] hi846: cleanup chip id log printing
* [d8b7ee9] hi846: set GBRG Bayer subpixel format
* [4b51174] s5k3l6xx: avoid printing debug messages to the error logs
* [a408ad9] Merge tag 'v5.11.11' into stable/5.11.11
[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
* [62e3a08] mx6s_capture: Add other Bayer subpixel order configurations to pixel formats
* [36d6691] librem5_defconfig: Enable exFAT support
* [2c6b609] s5k3l6xx: Switch the Bayer colorspace to GRBG
[ Wesley Cheng ]
* [7b37a3a] usb: dwc3: gadget: Clear DEP flags after stop transfers in ep disable
-- Martin Kepplinger <> Tue, 06 Apr 2021 08:20:45 +0200
linux-librem5 (5.11.8pureos1) byzantium; urgency=medium
[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
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