Commit 8a66782e authored by Martin Kepplinger's avatar Martin Kepplinger
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hi846: use DT property name reset-gpios instead of rst-gpios

more standard naming. a log output message improvement slipped in.
parent ec93db1f
......@@ -2026,9 +2026,9 @@ static int hi846_parse_gpio(struct hi846_gpio *gpio, struct device *dev)
enum of_gpio_flags flags;
int ret;
ret = of_get_named_gpio_flags(node, "rst-gpios", 0, &flags);
ret = of_get_named_gpio_flags(node, "reset-gpios", 0, &flags);
if (ret < 0) {
dev_err(dev, "no rst-gpios provided: %d\n", ret);
dev_err(dev, "no reset-gpios provided: %d\n", ret);
return ret;
gpio->gpio = ret;
......@@ -2061,7 +2061,7 @@ static int hi846_identify_module(struct hi846 *hi846)
return -ENXIO;
dev_info(&client->dev, "chip id %02X %02X / %d mipi lanes\n", hi, lo,
dev_info(&client->dev, "chip id %02X %02X using %d mipi lanes\n", hi, lo,
return 0;
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