Commit c27753d6 authored by Jaegeuk Kim's avatar Jaegeuk Kim

f2fs: flush dirty pages before starting atomic writes

If somebody wrote some data before atomic writes, we should flush them in order
to handle atomic data in a right period.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJaegeuk Kim <>
parent 63c52d78
......@@ -1369,7 +1369,16 @@ static int f2fs_ioc_start_atomic_write(struct file *filp)
set_inode_flag(F2FS_I(inode), FI_ATOMIC_FILE);
f2fs_update_time(F2FS_I_SB(inode), REQ_TIME);
return 0;
if (!get_dirty_pages(inode))
return 0;
f2fs_msg(F2FS_I_SB(inode)->sb, KERN_WARNING,
"Unexpected flush for atomic writes: ino=%lu, npages=%u",
inode->i_ino, get_dirty_pages(inode));
ret = filemap_write_and_wait_range(inode->i_mapping, 0, LLONG_MAX);
if (ret)
clear_inode_flag(F2FS_I(inode), FI_ATOMIC_FILE);
return ret;
static int f2fs_ioc_commit_atomic_write(struct file *filp)
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