Commit c9b63bd0 authored by Jaegeuk Kim's avatar Jaegeuk Kim
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f2fs: avoid to use failed inode immediately

Before iput is called, the inode number used by a bad inode can be reassigned
to other new inode, resulting in any abnormal behaviors on the new inode.
This should not happen for the new inode.
Reviewed-by: default avatarChao Yu <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJaegeuk Kim <>
parent eca616f8
......@@ -1343,6 +1343,7 @@ enum {
FI_INC_LINK, /* need to increment i_nlink */
FI_ACL_MODE, /* indicate acl mode */
FI_NO_ALLOC, /* should not allocate any blocks */
FI_FREE_NID, /* free allocated nide */
FI_UPDATE_DIR, /* should update inode block for consistency */
FI_DELAY_IPUT, /* used for the recovery */
FI_NO_EXTENT, /* not to use the extent cache */
......@@ -314,7 +314,8 @@ int f2fs_write_inode(struct inode *inode, struct writeback_control *wbc)
void f2fs_evict_inode(struct inode *inode)
struct f2fs_sb_info *sbi = F2FS_I_SB(inode);
nid_t xnid = F2FS_I(inode)->i_xattr_nid;
struct f2fs_inode_info *fi = F2FS_I(inode);
nid_t xnid = fi->i_xattr_nid;
/* some remained atomic pages should discarded */
if (f2fs_is_atomic_file(inode))
......@@ -334,7 +335,7 @@ void f2fs_evict_inode(struct inode *inode)
goto no_delete;
set_inode_flag(F2FS_I(inode), FI_NO_ALLOC);
set_inode_flag(fi, FI_NO_ALLOC);
i_size_write(inode, 0);
if (F2FS_HAS_BLOCKS(inode))
......@@ -357,14 +358,18 @@ void f2fs_evict_inode(struct inode *inode)
invalidate_mapping_pages(NODE_MAPPING(sbi), inode->i_ino, inode->i_ino);
if (xnid)
invalidate_mapping_pages(NODE_MAPPING(sbi), xnid, xnid);
if (is_inode_flag_set(F2FS_I(inode), FI_APPEND_WRITE))
if (is_inode_flag_set(fi, FI_APPEND_WRITE))
add_dirty_inode(sbi, inode->i_ino, APPEND_INO);
if (is_inode_flag_set(F2FS_I(inode), FI_UPDATE_WRITE))
if (is_inode_flag_set(fi, FI_UPDATE_WRITE))
add_dirty_inode(sbi, inode->i_ino, UPDATE_INO);
if (is_inode_flag_set(fi, FI_FREE_NID)) {
alloc_nid_failed(sbi, inode->i_ino);
clear_inode_flag(fi, FI_FREE_NID);
if (F2FS_I(inode)->i_crypt_info)
f2fs_free_encryption_info(inode, F2FS_I(inode)->i_crypt_info);
if (fi->i_crypt_info)
f2fs_free_encryption_info(inode, fi->i_crypt_info);
......@@ -384,9 +389,9 @@ void handle_failed_inode(struct inode *inode)
set_inode_flag(F2FS_I(inode), FI_FREE_NID);
clear_inode_flag(F2FS_I(inode), FI_INLINE_DATA);
clear_inode_flag(F2FS_I(inode), FI_INLINE_DENTRY);
alloc_nid_failed(sbi, inode->i_ino);
/* iput will drop the inode object */
......@@ -78,9 +78,9 @@ static struct inode *f2fs_new_inode(struct inode *dir, umode_t mode)
trace_f2fs_new_inode(inode, err);
if (nid_free)
alloc_nid_failed(sbi, ino);
set_inode_flag(F2FS_I(inode), FI_FREE_NID);
return ERR_PTR(err);
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