Commit ea58711e authored by Chao Yu's avatar Chao Yu Committed by Jaegeuk Kim
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f2fs: do in batches truncation in truncate_hole

truncate_data_blocks_range can do in batches truncation which makes all
changes in dnode page content, dnode page status, extent cache, block
count updating together.

But previously, truncate_hole() always truncates one block in dnode page
at a time by invoking truncate_data_blocks_range(,1), which make thing

This patch changes truncate_hole() to do in batches truncation for all
target blocks in one direct node inside truncate_data_blocks_range, which
can make our punch hole operation in ->fallocate more efficent.
Signed-off-by: default avatarChao Yu <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJaegeuk Kim <>
parent 4d1fa815
......@@ -739,23 +739,31 @@ static int fill_zero(struct inode *inode, pgoff_t index,
int truncate_hole(struct inode *inode, pgoff_t pg_start, pgoff_t pg_end)
pgoff_t index;
int err;
for (index = pg_start; index < pg_end; index++) {
while (pg_start < pg_end) {
struct dnode_of_data dn;
pgoff_t end_offset, count;
set_new_dnode(&dn, inode, NULL, NULL, 0);
err = get_dnode_of_data(&dn, index, LOOKUP_NODE);
err = get_dnode_of_data(&dn, pg_start, LOOKUP_NODE);
if (err) {
if (err == -ENOENT)
if (err == -ENOENT) {
return err;
if (dn.data_blkaddr != NULL_ADDR)
truncate_data_blocks_range(&dn, 1);
end_offset = ADDRS_PER_PAGE(dn.node_page, F2FS_I(inode));
count = min(end_offset - dn.ofs_in_node, pg_end - pg_start);
f2fs_bug_on(F2FS_I_SB(inode), count == 0 || count > end_offset);
truncate_data_blocks_range(&dn, count);
pg_start += count;
return 0;
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