1. 10 Jan, 2015 15 commits
  2. 09 Jan, 2015 1 commit
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      Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew) · b3d574ae
      Linus Torvalds authored
      Merge misc fixes from Andrew Morton:
       "12 fixes"
      * emailed patches from Andrew Morton <akpm@linux-foundation.org>:
        mm, vmscan: prevent kswapd livelock due to pfmemalloc-throttled process being killed
        memcg: fix destination cgroup leak on task charges migration
        mm: memcontrol: switch soft limit default back to infinity
        mm/debug_pagealloc: remove obsolete Kconfig options
        vfs: renumber FMODE_NONOTIFY and add to uniqueness check
        arch/blackfin/mach-bf533/boards/stamp.c: add linux/delay.h
        ocfs2: fix the wrong directory passed to ocfs2_lookup_ino_from_name() when link file
        MAINTAINERS: update rydberg's addresses
        mm: protect set_page_dirty() from ongoing truncation
        mm: prevent endless growth of anon_vma hierarchy
        exit: fix race between wait_consider_task() and wait_task_zombie()
        ocfs2: remove bogus check in dlm_process_recovery_data
  3. 08 Jan, 2015 20 commits
  4. 07 Jan, 2015 4 commits