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    Remap reserved posix characters by default (part 3/3) · 2baa2682
    Steve French authored
    This is a bigger patch, but its size is mostly due to
    a single change for how we check for remapping illegal characters
    in file names - a lot of repeated, small changes to
    the way callers request converting file names.
    The final patch in the series does the following:
    1) changes default behavior for cifs to be more intuitive.
    Currently we do not map by default to seven reserved characters,
    ie those valid in POSIX but not in NTFS/CIFS/SMB3/Windows,
    unless a mount option (mapchars) is specified.  Change this
    to by default always map and map using the SFM maping
    (like the Mac uses) unless the server negotiates the CIFS Unix
    Extensions (like Samba does when mounting with the cifs protocol)
    when the remapping of the characters is unnecessary.  This should
    help SMB3 mounts in particular since Samba will likely be
    able to implement this mapping with its new "vfs_fruit" module
    as it will be doing for the Mac.
    2) if the user specifies the existing "mapchars" mount option then
    use the "SFU" (Microsoft Services for Unix, SUA) style mapping of
    the seven characters instead.
    3) if the user specifies "nomapposix" then disable SFM/MAC style mapping
    (so no character remapping would be used unless the user specifies
    "mapchars" on mount as well, as above).
    4) change all the places in the code that check for the superblock
    flag on the mount which is set by mapchars and passed in on all
    path based operation and change it to use a small function call
    instead to set the mapping type properly (and check for the
    mapping type in the cifs unicode functions)
    Signed-off-by: default avatarSteve French <smfrench@gmail.com>
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