Commit 0872da16 authored by Eric Biggers's avatar Eric Biggers Committed by Herbert Xu

crypto: skcipher - add helper for simple block cipher modes

The majority of skcipher templates (including both the existing ones and
the ones remaining to be converted from the "blkcipher" API) just wrap a
single block cipher algorithm.  This includes cbc, cfb, ctr, ecb, kw,
ofb, and pcbc.  Add a helper function skcipher_alloc_instance_simple()
that handles allocating an skcipher instance for this common case.
Signed-off-by: default avatarEric Biggers <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarStephan Mueller <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarHerbert Xu <>
parent 251b7aea
......@@ -1058,5 +1058,136 @@ int skcipher_register_instance(struct crypto_template *tmpl,
static int skcipher_setkey_simple(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm, const u8 *key,
unsigned int keylen)
struct crypto_cipher *cipher = skcipher_cipher_simple(tfm);
int err;
crypto_cipher_clear_flags(cipher, CRYPTO_TFM_REQ_MASK);
crypto_cipher_set_flags(cipher, crypto_skcipher_get_flags(tfm) &
err = crypto_cipher_setkey(cipher, key, keylen);
crypto_skcipher_set_flags(tfm, crypto_cipher_get_flags(cipher) &
return err;
static int skcipher_init_tfm_simple(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm)
struct skcipher_instance *inst = skcipher_alg_instance(tfm);
struct crypto_spawn *spawn = skcipher_instance_ctx(inst);
struct skcipher_ctx_simple *ctx = crypto_skcipher_ctx(tfm);
struct crypto_cipher *cipher;
cipher = crypto_spawn_cipher(spawn);
if (IS_ERR(cipher))
return PTR_ERR(cipher);
ctx->cipher = cipher;
return 0;
static void skcipher_exit_tfm_simple(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm)
struct skcipher_ctx_simple *ctx = crypto_skcipher_ctx(tfm);
static void skcipher_free_instance_simple(struct skcipher_instance *inst)
* skcipher_alloc_instance_simple - allocate instance of simple block cipher mode
* Allocate an skcipher_instance for a simple block cipher mode of operation,
* e.g. cbc or ecb. The instance context will have just a single crypto_spawn,
* that for the underlying cipher. The {min,max}_keysize, ivsize, blocksize,
* alignmask, and priority are set from the underlying cipher but can be
* overridden if needed. The tfm context defaults to skcipher_ctx_simple, and
* default ->setkey(), ->init(), and ->exit() methods are installed.
* @tmpl: the template being instantiated
* @tb: the template parameters
* @cipher_alg_ret: on success, a pointer to the underlying cipher algorithm is
* returned here. It must be dropped with crypto_mod_put().
* Return: a pointer to the new instance, or an ERR_PTR(). The caller still
* needs to register the instance.
struct skcipher_instance *
skcipher_alloc_instance_simple(struct crypto_template *tmpl, struct rtattr **tb,
struct crypto_alg **cipher_alg_ret)
struct crypto_attr_type *algt;
struct crypto_alg *cipher_alg;
struct skcipher_instance *inst;
struct crypto_spawn *spawn;
u32 mask;
int err;
algt = crypto_get_attr_type(tb);
if (IS_ERR(algt))
return ERR_CAST(algt);
if ((algt->type ^ CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE_SKCIPHER) & algt->mask)
return ERR_PTR(-EINVAL);
crypto_requires_off(algt->type, algt->mask,
cipher_alg = crypto_get_attr_alg(tb, CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE_CIPHER, mask);
if (IS_ERR(cipher_alg))
return ERR_CAST(cipher_alg);
inst = kzalloc(sizeof(*inst) + sizeof(*spawn), GFP_KERNEL);
if (!inst) {
err = -ENOMEM;
goto err_put_cipher_alg;
spawn = skcipher_instance_ctx(inst);
err = crypto_inst_setname(skcipher_crypto_instance(inst), tmpl->name,
if (err)
goto err_free_inst;
err = crypto_init_spawn(spawn, cipher_alg,
if (err)
goto err_free_inst;
inst->free = skcipher_free_instance_simple;
/* Default algorithm properties, can be overridden */
inst->alg.base.cra_blocksize = cipher_alg->cra_blocksize;
inst->alg.base.cra_alignmask = cipher_alg->cra_alignmask;
inst->alg.base.cra_priority = cipher_alg->cra_priority;
inst->alg.min_keysize = cipher_alg->cra_cipher.cia_min_keysize;
inst->alg.max_keysize = cipher_alg->cra_cipher.cia_max_keysize;
inst->alg.ivsize = cipher_alg->cra_blocksize;
/* Use skcipher_ctx_simple by default, can be overridden */
inst->alg.base.cra_ctxsize = sizeof(struct skcipher_ctx_simple);
inst->alg.setkey = skcipher_setkey_simple;
inst->alg.init = skcipher_init_tfm_simple;
inst->alg.exit = skcipher_exit_tfm_simple;
*cipher_alg_ret = cipher_alg;
return inst;
return ERR_PTR(err);
MODULE_DESCRIPTION("Symmetric key cipher type");
......@@ -205,5 +205,20 @@ static inline unsigned int crypto_skcipher_alg_max_keysize(
return alg->max_keysize;
/* Helpers for simple block cipher modes of operation */
struct skcipher_ctx_simple {
struct crypto_cipher *cipher; /* underlying block cipher */
static inline struct crypto_cipher *
skcipher_cipher_simple(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm)
struct skcipher_ctx_simple *ctx = crypto_skcipher_ctx(tfm);
return ctx->cipher;
struct skcipher_instance *
skcipher_alloc_instance_simple(struct crypto_template *tmpl, struct rtattr **tb,
struct crypto_alg **cipher_alg_ret);
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