Commit f4a8116a authored by Jan Kara's avatar Jan Kara

fs: Provide __inode_get_bytes()

Provide helper __inode_get_bytes() which assumes i_lock is already
acquired. Quota code will need this to be able to use i_lock to protect
consistency of quota accounting information and inode usage.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJan Kara <>
parent 3ab167d2
......@@ -710,7 +710,7 @@ loff_t inode_get_bytes(struct inode *inode)
loff_t ret;
ret = (((loff_t)inode->i_blocks) << 9) + inode->i_bytes;
ret = __inode_get_bytes(inode);
return ret;
......@@ -2998,6 +2998,10 @@ void __inode_add_bytes(struct inode *inode, loff_t bytes);
void inode_add_bytes(struct inode *inode, loff_t bytes);
void __inode_sub_bytes(struct inode *inode, loff_t bytes);
void inode_sub_bytes(struct inode *inode, loff_t bytes);
static inline loff_t __inode_get_bytes(struct inode *inode)
return (((loff_t)inode->i_blocks) << 9) + inode->i_bytes;
loff_t inode_get_bytes(struct inode *inode);
void inode_set_bytes(struct inode *inode, loff_t bytes);
const char *simple_get_link(struct dentry *, struct inode *,
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