Commit fcf887e7 authored by Aaron Armstrong Skomra's avatar Aaron Armstrong Skomra Committed by Jiri Kosina

HID: wacom: correct misreported EKR ring values

The EKR ring claims a range of 0 to 71 but actually reports
values 1 to 72. The ring is used in relative mode so this
change should not affect users.
Signed-off-by: default avatarAaron Armstrong Skomra <>
Fixes: 72b236d6 ("HID: wacom: Add support for Express Key Remote.")
Cc: <> # v4.3+
Reviewed-by: default avatarPing Cheng <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarJason Gerecke <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJiri Kosina <>
parent 2d05dba2
......@@ -1061,7 +1061,7 @@ static int wacom_remote_irq(struct wacom_wac *wacom_wac, size_t len)
input_report_key(input, BTN_BASE2, (data[11] & 0x02));
if (data[12] & 0x80)
input_report_abs(input, ABS_WHEEL, (data[12] & 0x7f));
input_report_abs(input, ABS_WHEEL, (data[12] & 0x7f) - 1);
input_report_abs(input, ABS_WHEEL, 0);
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