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    Daniel Borkmann says:
    pull-request: bpf-next 2018-08-07
    The following pull-request contains BPF updates for your *net-next* tree.
    The main changes are:
    1) Add cgroup local storage for BPF programs, which provides a fast
       accessible memory for storing various per-cgroup data like number
       of transmitted packets, etc, from Roman.
    2) Support bpf_get_socket_cookie() BPF helper in several more program
       types that have a full socket available, from Andrey.
    3) Significantly improve the performance of perf events which are
       reported from BPF offload. Also convert a couple of BPF AF_XDP
       samples overto use libbpf, both from Jakub.
    4) seg6local LWT provides the End.DT6 action, which allows to
       decapsulate an outer IPv6 header containing a Segment Routing Header.
       Adds this action now to the seg6local BPF interface, from Mathieu.
    5) Do not mark dst register as unbounded in MOV64 instruction when
       both src and dst register are the same, from Arthur.
    6) Define u_smp_rmb() and u_smp_wmb() to their respective barrier
       instructions on arm64 for the AF_XDP sample code, from Brian.
    7) Convert the tcp_client.py and tcp_server.py BPF selftest scripts
       over from Python 2 to Python 3, from Jeremy.
    8) Enable BTF build flags to the BPF sample code Makefile, from Taeung.
    9) Remove an unnecessary rcu_read_lock() in run_lwt_bpf(), from Taehee.
    10) Several improvements to the README.rst from the BPF documentation
        to make it more consistent with RST format, from Tobin.
    11) Replace all occurrences of strerror() by calls to strerror_r()
        in libbpf and fix a FORTIFY_SOURCE build error along with it,
        from Thomas.
    12) Fix a bug in bpftool's get_btf() function to correctly propagate
        an error via PTR_ERR(), from Yue.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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