Commit 15df7636 authored by Richard Bayerle's avatar Richard Bayerle
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Skipped adding recipient's devices if addressed to oneself.

This fixes #47.
Also removed a misleading error message.
parent fe96bf90
......@@ -1558,11 +1558,8 @@ static void lurch_message_encrypt_im(PurpleConnection * gc_p, xmlnode ** msg_sta
addr_l_p = lurch_addr_list_add(addr_l_p, user_dl_p, &own_id);
if (g_strcmp0(uname, to)) {
addr_l_p = lurch_addr_list_add(addr_l_p, dl_p, (void *) 0);
if (!addr_l_p) {
err_msg_dbg = g_strdup_printf("failed to malloc address struct");
ret_val = LURCH_ERR_NOMEM;
goto cleanup;
ret_val = lurch_msg_finalize_encryption(purple_connection_get_protocol_data(gc_p), axc_ctx_p, msg_p, addr_l_p, msg_stanza_pp);
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