Commit 4750ea50 authored by Richard Bayerle's avatar Richard Bayerle
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Set version to 0.6.7-dev

parent df338350
# lurch 0.6.6
# lurch 0.6.7-dev
/lʊʁç/. In German, an Axolotl is a type of Lurch, which simply means 'amphibian'. This plugin brings _Axolotl_, by now renamed to _double ratchet_, to _libpurple_ applications such as [Pidgin]( by implementing the [OMEMO]( _XMPP Extension Protocol (XEP)_.
(Plus I thought the word sounds funny.)
#ifndef __LURCH_H
# define __LURCH_H
# define LURCH_VERSION "0.6.6"
# define LURCH_VERSION "0.6.7-dev"
# define LURCH_AUTHOR "Richard Bayerle <>"
#endif /* __LURCH_H */
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