Commit 94c8a403 authored by Richard Bayerle's avatar Richard Bayerle
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Merge branch 'puleglot-add-rpath' into dev

parents f0b1a8f0 c057c5d7
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ CFLAGS += -std=c11 -Wall -g -Wstrict-overflow $(PKGCFG_C) $(HEADERS)
# -D_BSD_SOURCE can be removed once nobody uses glibc <= 2.18 any more
LDFLAGS += -ldl -lm $(PKGCFG_L) $(LJABBER)
LDFLAGS += -ldl -lm $(PKGCFG_L) $(LJABBER) -Wl,-rpath,$(PURPLE_PLUGIN_DIR)
### directories
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