Commit eac7db0d authored by Phi|eas |ebada's avatar Phi|eas |ebada Committed by Richard Bayerle
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Fix single typo

As much as everyone loves tuples, this should be a tiple. :-)
parent a5697be2
......@@ -2352,7 +2352,7 @@ static PurpleCmdRet lurch_cmd_func(PurpleConversation * conv_p,
" - '/lurch show fp conv': Displays the fingerprints of all participating devices.\n"
" - '/lurch remove id <id>': Removes a device ID from the own devicelist.\n"
"In conversations with multuple users:\n"
"In conversations with multiple users:\n"
" - '/lurch enable': Enables OMEMO encryption for the conversation.\n"
" - '/lurch disable': Disables OMEMO encryption for the conversation.\n"
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