Commit a94c970a authored by Jonny Lamb's avatar Jonny Lamb
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desktop-shell: update protocol to version 3

parent 478def9f
<protocol name="desktop">
<interface name="desktop_shell" version="2">
<interface name="desktop_shell" version="3">
<description summary="create desktop widgets and helpers">
Traditional user interfaces can rely on this interface to define the
foundations of typical desktops. Currently it's possible to set up
......@@ -91,6 +91,24 @@
<entry name="busy" value="11"/>
<!-- version 3 additions -->
<enum name="panel_position">
<entry name="top" value="0"/>
<entry name="bottom" value="1"/>
<entry name="left" value="2"/>
<entry name="right" value="3"/>
<request name="set_panel_position" since="3">
<arg name="position" type="uint"/>
<description summary="set panel position">
Tell the shell which side of the screen the panel is
located. This is so that new windows do not overlap the panel
and maximized windows maximize properly.
<interface name="screensaver" version="1">
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