Commit e0ba83a9 authored by alive4ever's avatar alive4ever Committed by Daniel Stone
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Fix crashes when dragging a window

This is based on explanatory patch on GH#46 and should fix shell crashes
when dragging a window.
parent a191e5c0
......@@ -828,6 +828,37 @@ static const struct wl_registry_listener registry_listener = {
static void grab_surface_create(struct desktop *desktop)
struct wl_surface *s;
GdkWindow *gdk_window;
struct element *curtain;
curtain = malloc (sizeof *curtain);
memset (curtain, 0, sizeof *curtain);
curtain->window = gtk_window_new (GTK_WINDOW_TOPLEVEL);
gtk_window_set_title (GTK_WINDOW (curtain->window), "maynard2");
gtk_window_set_decorated (GTK_WINDOW (curtain->window), FALSE);
gtk_widget_set_size_request (curtain->window, 8192, 8192);
gtk_widget_realize (curtain->window);
gdk_window = gtk_widget_get_window (curtain->window);
gdk_wayland_window_set_use_custom_surface (gdk_window);
curtain->surface = gdk_wayland_window_get_wl_surface (gdk_window);
desktop->curtain = curtain;
gtk_widget_show_all (curtain->window);
weston_desktop_shell_set_grab_surface(desktop->wshell, curtain->surface);
main (int argc,
char *argv[])
......@@ -886,6 +917,7 @@ main (int argc,
panel_create (desktop);
clock_create (desktop);
launcher_grid_create (desktop);
grab_surface_create (desktop);
gtk_main ();
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