phoc 0.1.2

[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]

  • layer-shell: Don't apply exclusive zones of unmapped surfaces
  • Revert "Use old gamma control protocol if available"
  • Update wlroots submodule
  • Add a way to reveal shell on a fullscreen surface
  • layer-shell: Create/destroy layer_subsurface objects on parent map/unmap

[ Guido Günther ]

  • gitlab-ci: Remove redundancy in alpine deps
  • Add libgnome-desktop-3-dev
  • Turn keyboard into a gobject
  • keyboard: Read keyboard config from gsettings
  • settings: Remove superfluous include
  • keyboard: fix indentation
  • Use g_clear_object
  • keyboard: Set wlr_keyboard's data to phoc_keyboard
  • keyboard: Add method to witch to next layout
  • keybindinds: Listen to switch-input-source changes

[ Simon Ser ]

  • Remove orbital screenshooter and gamma-control
  • rootston: add support for direct scan-out
  • Remove all wayland-server.h includes