phoc v0.1.9

[ Arnaud Ferraris ]

  • gtk-shell: fix typos

[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]

  • protocols: Add wlr-foreign-toplevel-management-unstable-v1
  • Create render.h header to hold declarations from render.c
  • view: Make view_get_geometry accessible outside of view.c
  • view: Store a pointer to view in wlr_foreign_toplevel_handle data
  • meson: Depend on GLESv2
  • protocols: Update wlr-screencopy-unstable-v1 to version 2
  • Update wlroots submodule
  • Implement window thumbnails via phosh-private+wlr-foreign-toplevel-management+wlr-screencopy protocol hybrid
  • tests: Introduce PhocTestScreencopyFrame and generalize screencopy logic
  • tests: Fix inverted condition in phoc_test_buffer_equal
  • tests: phoc_test_client_capture_output: Handle ARGB/XRGB format mismatch
  • tests: Basic window thumbnail test
  • protocols: Add a description for thumbnail interface in phosh-private
  • CI: Move coverage gathering to separate step