phoc v0.4.3

[ Guido Günther ]

  • Drop xdg_shell_V6 support
  • xdg-shell: Drop mention of v6 protocol
  • desktop: Adjust to wlr_xcursor_manager_load 0.11.0 API change
  • server: Unblock SIGUSR1 when spawning child
  • desktop: Reindent handle_layout_change
  • desktop: Refresh all outputs on layout changes

[ Arnaud Ferraris ]

  • src: add utility function to fix rotation on wlroots v0.11+

[ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]

  • xwayland: Don't apply size constraints to maximized windows
  • xwayland: Correctly handle windows that are maximized on map
  • xwayland: Automaximization support
  • seat: Check whether moving and resizing is allowed
  • xwayland: Don't allow to move non-regular windows
  • xwayland: Don't automaximize non-resizable windows
  • layer-shell: Recenter non-maximized views when rearranging
  • Update wlroots submodule

[ Dorota Czaplejewicz ]

  • input method: Forward only supported state