phoc v0.4.4

[ Guido Günther ]

  • desktop: Refresh all views when auto-maximize changes. So far this only affected new views but when e.g. unplugging an external (switching to 'phone' mode) we want running apps to behave.
  • phosh: Drop rotate-display. The rotate_display served us well but it's too simplistic (no events, degrees instead of transforms, ...). Since phosh now uses wlr-output-management for bid to use this part of the private protocol.
  • d/control: Add breaks for older phosh. These require the rotate_display private protocol bit
  • phosh: Fix indentation
  • phosh: Ungrab accelerators. This lead to a compositor crash so far

[ Clayton Craft ]

  • input: convert roots_input to PhocInput gobject
  • input: apply phosh code formatting styles. This is a cosmetic change that applies code formatting styles from Phosh's style guidelines to input.c/h.
  • Use PhocInput objects instead of roots_input