phosh v0.1.1

[ Guido Günther ]

  • lockscreen: Use proper ellipsis. Use '…' instead of '...'
  • session: Drop org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Clipboard. It was unused anyway. (Closes: #195)
  • notify-manager: ignore errors closing inexistent notifications. This trips up qt 5.11 otherwise
  • debian: Don't restart session on package upgrades. Otherwise a logged in user will get logged out. (Closes: #193)
  • gitlab-ci: Make current image explicit
  • gitlab-ci: Build and unit test for Debian Bullseye as well. We keep the smoketests at buster for the moment
  • debian: Add gbp.conf. This makes gbp tag do the right thing.
  • Update translations from zanata

[ Hysterical Raisins ]

  • AppGrid: Live update search when using an input method.

[ Bart Ribbers ]

  • gitlab-ci: Build and unit test for Alpine Linux edge as well