phosh v0.1.2

phosh (0.1.2) amber; urgency=medium

[ Bart Ribbers ]

  • gitlab-ci: don't build test coverage for Alpine Linux

[ Guido Günther ]

  • Add wayland session file. This allows to run phosh directly from e.g. gdm which makes testing on GNOME way easier
  • Recommend phoc. We don't make it a hard dependency since we can run with other compositors as well.
  • Drop all rootston fallbacks. rootston is unmaintained and has only very limited functionality while phoc had a release.
  • debian: Bump compat to 12. This makes some things simpler like dh_nissing and it moves phosh to /u/libexec where it should have always been.
  • debian: Add install file for phosh. This makes us pick up the right files when we add more binary packages
  • build: move glib/gio dependency to toplevel meson file. This and assigining it to variables makes it simpler for other meson files to use.
  • Add keyboard stub. This helps to fulfil gnome-session dependencies on desktops where we don't have squeekboard (yet) and where it should not unfold
  • layer-surface: Emit signals on width/height changes. We missed signals on phosh_layer_surface_set_size().
  • layer-surface: Don't make width/height construct only.
  • po: Update translatable files
  • po: Update translations from zanata

[ Dorota Czaplejewicz ]

  • layersurface: remove phosh-wayland include. This makes the file copy-portable again.
  • layer-surface: Distinguish requested and configured width/height {width,height} represent the user request while configured_{width,height} represent what the compositor sent us. This allows clients to see how their size request matches the actual surface size.

[ Mohammed Sadiq ]

  • Add shell-network-agent.
  • Add network agent. Network agent is responsible for requesting credentials when connecting to networks that requires credentials

-- Guido Günther Fri, 25 Oct 2019 21:07:24 +0200