phosh v0.1.4
phosh (0.1.4) amber; urgency=medium

  * activity: Add title setter
  * activity: Set app_name on title changes.
    So far we only did this in the constructor.
  * toplevel: Emit signal when properties change.
    So far we emitted signals when a new toplevel shows up. Add
    a signal that is emitted when a already 'configured' toplevel
    gets configured event. This will allow to e.g. check for
    title changes.
  * overview: Adjust title in overview when the toplevel changes title.
    We take a detour via the overview since the link between
    activity and topleve happens there. We can avoid this
    once the activity properly owns the toplevel.
  * tests: Avoid duplicate config target
    otherwise we fail with meson 0.49.
  * gitlab-ci: Build pureos amber package as well
  * panel: Move decision if we need a lang label into one place.
    This makes sure we do the same on input source changes and keyboard
  * debian/gbp.conf: Sign tags by default

 -- Guido Günther <>  Fri, 22 Nov 2019 17:16:45 +0100