phosh v0.4.4
hosh (0.4.4) amber-phone; urgency=medium

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * gitlab-ci: Add i386 cross build.
    This ensures we don't break 32bit again. We allow failure
    though since we need to pull packages from Debian for that
    that might not always be up to date.
  * timestamp-label: Unbreak build on 32 bit platforms.
    Use a G_ format specifier for GTimeSpan.
  * gitlab-ci: Don't use Immediate-Configure.
    This confuses apt like.
  * media-player: Clarify some translatable strings
  * media-player.ui: Match ui strings with the ones in the code
  * wwaninfo: Disambiguate 'cellular'
  * po: Update pot file
  * Drop zanata.xml.
    We're using GNOME's translation infrastructure
  * README: update description.
  * d/rules: Work around failed doc build on install.
    This works around a problem where an invocation
    of `meson-install` does not generate all docs. See
  * docs: Split out homepage url
  * debian: Build-depend on pandoc for the deb build
  * Add gtk-markdown-to-docbook (taken from GTK)
  * docs: Add some context
  * data/ Be a bit more friendly when asked for help
  * po: Add initial Korean translation. Thanks Seong-ho Cho
  * doap: Add Zander Brown.
  * debian: Install all phosh related schema files.
    Otherwise we lack the enums and fail to start
  * Switch to libhandy 1.0
  * treewide: Replace HdyColumn by HdyClamp
  * lockscreen: Adjust to HdyKeypad API changes
  * treewide: libhandy API is stable now
  * lockscreen: Use HdyCarousel instead of HdyPaginator
  * overview: Use HdyCarousel instead of HdyPaginator
  * style: Adust to HdyKeypad internal changes.
    The grid is now embeded in the widget.
  * gitlab-ci: Use libhandy-1 in smoketests too

  [ Zander Brown ]
  * l10n: disambiguate timestamp strings
  * po: Update British English translation
  * general: update license headers.
    Make sure all our license headers match the style in
  * ci: validate license headers
  * treewide: Use two empty lines between functions.
  * arrow: Use G_PI instead of M_PI
  * treewide: Don't use C++ style comments. As per coding style.
  * general: use char instead of gchar.
    Usage of gchar is discouraged in projects such as glib/gtk
    In gtk4 all usage of gchar has been dropped
    Closes: #364
  * general: use int/double/float instead of gint etc.
    Usage of gint,gdouble,gfloat is discouraged in projects such as glib/gtk
    In gtk4 all usage of gint/gdouble/gfloat has been dropped
    Closes: #364
  * keyboard-events: drop unused props global

  [ anteater ]
  * wwan-mm: cleanups for style/consistency
  * wwan-mm: use Ugly_Case to correct MMDBus codegen
  * wwan: build: reformat
    make things more like other files and avoid rightward drift
  * wwaninfo: use PHOSH_WWAN interface to access wwan object
    This is more flexible and PhoshWwanInfo doesn't care about the
    implementing type
  * wwaninfo: reorder includes
  * wwan: add PhoshWWanOfono
  * shell: add missing whitespace
  * shell: clean up dispose, fixing leaks
  * shell: reorder includes
  * Add and use wwan-backend setting

  [ Luís Fernando Stürmer da Rosa ]
  * po: Update Brazilian Portuguese translation

  [ Sebastian Spaeth ]
  * po: Fix German translation of Phone Shell.

  [ Nikola Pavlica ]
  * po: Add Serbian (Cyrilic) translation

  [ Yuri Chornoivan ]
  * po: Update Ukrainian translation

  [ Emin Tufan Çetin ]
  * po: Update Turkish translation

  [ Fabio Tomat ]
  * po: Add friulian translations

  [ scootergrisen ]
  * po: Update Danish translation

  [ Марко М. Костић (Marko M. Kostić) ]
  * po: Update Serbian translation

 -- Guido Günther <>  Fri, 18 Sep 2020 13:37:36 +0200