phosh v0.6.0
phosh (0.6.0) amber-phone; urgency=high

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * run: Prepend current schema dir.
    This allows phosh to e.g. find phoc's schema if that also uses
  * Use memory GSettings backend.
    This makes sure we don't mess with systems settings.
    Sine this affects testing docked mode we allow to override it.
  * gitlab-ci: Build bullseye packages as well.
    This helps testing MRs against PureOS byzantium and Debian Bullseye
  * d/control: Update package description
  * debian: Add phosh-mobile-tweaks.
    We have this in Debian and it's useful overall since it minimizes
    librem5-base and makes it simpler to track changes for downstreams.
  * Rename notify dbus interface class to PhoshNotifyDBus.
    We have mixed Dbus vs DBus spelling in several interfaces but we want to
    use the later.
  * Rename idle dbus interface class to PhoshIdleDBus.
    We have mixed Dbus vs DBus spelling in several interfaces but we want to
    use the later.
  * Rename screensaver dbus interface class to PhoshScreenSaverDBus.
    We have mixed Dbus vs DBus spelling in several interfaces but we want to
    use the later.
  * layer-surface: Add debugging when a surface goes away.
    This helps tracing the order of events
  * lockscreen-manager: Explain purpose
  * lockscreen-manager: No need to disconnect signals from lockscreen.
    We're about to destroy the lockscreen object a couple of lines later
  * lockscreen-manager: Move lock screen when output goes away.
    We move the lock screen in case the monitor it's on goes away.
    (Closes: #385)
  * monitor: Add phosh_monitor_get_power_save_mode.
    Simple getter
  * lockscreen-manager: Handle transform only on power mode changes.
    This makes sure we rotate correctly when the screen unblanks and
    we don't operate on disabled outputs which trips up phoc.
  * lockscreen-manager: Don't rotate external screens.
    We keep the transform there as well assuming the lock screen fits.
  * home: Handle osk-button visibility.
    This was currently split between the button and the home
    bar which resulted in the button being shown although
    it should stay hidden because the OSK was disbled. (Closes: #403)

  [ Alexander Mikhaylenko ]
  * build: Compile gschemas on install
  * overview: Enable carousel reveal animation
  * feedback-manager: Stop using deprecated signals.
    This will be useful when PhoshActivity stops subclassing GtkButton.
  * Add PhoshAnimation.
    This will help us to have less verbose code later.
  * Add PhoshSwipeAwayBin.
    Implement a simple widget for swipe-to-remove pattern. It's always
    vertical and changes the child's position and opacity during the swipe.
  * activity: Implement swipe-to-close.
    Stop subclassing GtkButton, instead contain a PhoshSwipeAwayBin
    and a GtkButton inside. Pass through the clicked signal from the button.
    Make close button animate the swipe bin so that closing is animated too.
  * activity: Show close button only on hover.
    Now that we have another way to close apps on touch, let's hide the button
    and show it only on hover. This essentially makes it pointer-only.
  * Require libhandy 1.0.2

  [ Arnaud Ferraris ]
  * shell: add an accessor for the mode manager.
    Other modules should be able to query the device type too.
  * lockscreen-manager: undo transform only for phones.
    If the display is large enough to make the keypad usable even when
    rotated, we should not try to rotate it back to the default orientation.

 -- Guido Günther <>  Sun, 15 Nov 2020 11:35:52 +0100