phosh v0.7.0
phosh (0.7.0) amber-phone; urgency=medium

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * Add session-manager.
    This adds a proper object - current session.c doens't have that
    making it hard to use signals, etc.
  * Add mount-manager. This automounts new volumes
  * notify-manager: Add method to submit notifiations.
    This will allow to submit notifications from other parts of
    the shell. Use it for the DBus part too.
  * notification: Allow for a NULL timestamp.
    This just uses the current time.
  * timstamp-label: Use 'now' instead of <15s.
    It looks odd when new notifications print '<15s' right away.
  * notify-manager: Allow derived classes to use different action handlers.
    We can turn the current 'default' notfication into a
    PhoshDBusNotification to make that even more pronounced at some point.
  * Add PhoshMountNotification.
    A notification that displays information about newly mounted
    file systems.
  * mount-manager: Indicate mounts via notifiations.
    We add a single action that opens the containing folder.
  * mount-notification: Only add action if we have a handler.
    Since nautilus is not adaptive don't add an action if
    it's not available.
  * Add PhoshDBusNotification.
    This allows us to have notification just do the right thing.
  * notification: Move do_action into dbus-notifiation.
    This avoids the special case in the notification manager.
  * data/phosh: Print version with `--version` (Closes: #425)
  * run: Simplify oneshot gdb.
    Often we just want to run phosh and get a backtrace e.g.
    for G_DEBUG=fatal-criticals:
       PHOSH_AUTO_GDB=1 SKIP_GNOME_SESSION=1  _build/run
    does this.
  * gitlab-ci: Make it simple to get a backtrace.
    This can be done by passing $SMOKE_PARAMS='-c' to gitlab-ci.
  * background: Add initial support for Background XML.
    Many 'slideshows' are just a fixed single image so handle that
    as a start. This allows us to use Debian's/PureOS background
    data (as per desktop-base package)
  * network-auth-prompt: Handle "sae" for WPA3 support.
    This unbreaks authenticating to WPA3 networks which
    so for ended in "not supported".
  * shell: Only show banners for apps with show-banners on

  [ Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras ]
  * meson: bump version to 0.50

  [ Alexander Mikhaylenko ]
  * Slide back windows that failed to close.
    Closes: #429
  * Use easeOutBounce interpolator for the slide back animation.
    Make it a little fancier.

  [ Yuri Chornoivan ]
  * po: Update Ukrainian translation

 -- Guido Günther <>  Thu, 10 Dec 2020 13:58:42 +0100