phosh v0.7.1
phosh (0.7.1) amber-phone; urgency=medium

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * background: Correctly chain up in dispose.
    This fixes a crash when unplugging a 2nd screen.
    Fixes 8828176f6c98a4bde94c9f6daa46d0a87a3c8d20
  * Add initial stubs for org.gnome.Shell DBus protocoll.
    This will be needed for OSD, monitor labels and grabs
  * activity: Allow to focus.
    This fixes the toggle-overview keybinding
    Fixes 20c3a79fb888e876f30d1a590084c87cb1c16591
  * home: Hide arrow when there are no activities
    (Closes: #261)
  * Handle logind's Lock and Unlock.
    This allow 'loginctl lock|unlock <session-number>' to work.
  * phosh.service: Set session type and name.
    This way we can match the right session via phosh_find_systemd_session
    even when not using a window manager. We can drop the XDG_SESSION_TYPE
    once phoc switches to newer wlroots which takes care of it since 0.12.0.

  [ Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras ]
  * shell-manager: Implement keygrabbing.
    Ungrabbing is only allowed for the client who originally grabbed
  * settings: get rid of explicit volume key handling.
    With the DBus interface org.gnome.Shell now supported, g-s-d/media key
    plugin now handles volume keys for us

  [ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
  * Remove custom drawing in system prompts.
    Custom drawing doesn't seem necessary. Fixes unwanted background in

  [ Arnaud Ferraris ]
  * data: add 'System' category to desktop entries

  [ Andika Triwidada ]
  * po: Add Indonesian translation

 -- Guido Günther <>  Thu, 17 Dec 2020 12:46:29 +0100