phosh v0.8.0
phosh (0.8.0) amber-phone; urgency=medium

  [ xam ina ]
  * po: Update French translation

  [ Guido Günther ]
  * keyboard-events: Drop newlines from `g_warning()`
    g_warning newline terminates on it's own.
  * d/control: Update from debian.
    This typos and package sections
  * d/control: Update dependencies/recommends from Debian.
    We don't pull them in on amber and we want them for byzantium
  * gitlab-ci: Drop test-package stage.
    Since we have PureOS packaging mostly separate drop the
    last pipeline stage since that is run there. This brings
    down build times and uses fewer runners.
  * Move overrides to data.
    This makes it simpler for downstreams to track changes.
  * Move systemd service to data/
    This makes it simpler to track for downstreams.
  * lockscreen: Drop leading space in day of month (Closes: #225)
  * po: Adjust locales to string change.
    This avoids breaking all locales
  * notify-manager: Don't leak notifiation.
    A ref is taken when added to the list so no need to keep
    it around
  * settings: Make sure we rotate clockwise
    wlroots as of 0.11.0 changed rotation correction. Adapt to that,
    we don't bother what older versions do - downstream can just
  * shell: Properly sync lock property.
    The shell's locked property did not really reflect the state of
    lockscreen-manager's "locked" property. Fix this by binding those two.
    This will also simplify things like the rotation manager since we
    don't need to pass the lockscreen-manager around anymore.
  * polkit-auth-agent: Disable verbose debugging.
    We don't want cookies, etc to end up in the logs
  * polkit-auth-prompt: Unref session too.
  * polkit-auth-agent: Toggle auth prompt with lockscreen visibility
  * wifimanager: Toggle network auth prompt with lockscreen visibility
    (Closes: #299)
  * system-prompter: Toggle system auth prompt with lockscreen visibility
  * monitor-manager: Clarify physical and logical monitors
  * monitor-manager: Use head for physical monitors in get_current_state
  * monitor-manager: Don't bother setting up modes in GetResources.
    Only the ones from CurrentState are relevant.
  * monitor-manager: Make sure to bump serial on config changes
  * monitor-manager: Notify DBus listeners about config changes
  * monitor: Add description.
    We'll use that to match up with heads
  * head: Add connector information.
    Needed to switch monitor-manager to use heads.
  * Allow to switch output configurations.
    This allows to disable heads and turn them back on which is useful for
    docked mode)
  * monitor-manager: Flip transform.
    The transform we get from the DBus protocol is flipped
    regarding Waylands view on it. This is similar to what
    was done in wlroots to preserve config changes.
  * protocols: Update wlr-output-management
    v2 supports make/model/serial.
  * head: Use v2 of wlr-output-management.
    This allows for vendor/product/serial again.
  * monitor-manager: Improve display name.
    We have the necessary info in the heads now. Code
    inspired from what's done in mutter.
  * head: Add a mode name and lookup.
    We don't bother with a hash map since e.g. removal would mean
    iteration too so just do a linear search when needed.
  * monitor-manager: Set output resolution as well (Closes: #140)
  * head: Allow to fetch supported scales.
    We only do integer scaling and use the same limits than mutter
    (max 400%).
  * monitor-manager: Allow to set scaling too
  * mode-manager: Improve external output detection.
    If there's a single output and it's not built-in it's an external
    one. (Closes: #436)
  * head: Allow for smaller logical area in portrait.
    This allows to set the scaling e.g. on the Librem 5.
  * head: Allow to easily clear all pending state.
    Instead of having this in different places add a single helper.
  * polkit-auth-prompt: Grab focus on every request.
    Otherwise the input field isn't refocused after a failed attempt.
    (Closes: #470)
  * system-prompter: Focus confirmation entry.
    Select the confirmation entry when showing a confirmation prompt.
  * system-prompter: Focus password entry.
    Refocus the password entry when the prompt is shown. Otherwise
    the focus is on the button after failed password attempt when
    using touch.
  * timestamp-label: Introduce phosh_time_diff_in_words.
    This is mostly to make things easily testable
  * timestamp-label: Unbreak relative days and months.
    Phones have a long uptime so fall back to pure date printing
    after 1y.
  * timestamp-label: Unbreak relative years.
    So far there always was fallback, drop that.
  * timestamp-label: Add more flexibility to formats.
    Some languages want to have 'almost' and 'over' past the numbers.
  * po: Update pot file

  [ Anders Jonsson ]
  * po: Update Swedish translation

  [ Tomasz ]
  * Update Polish translation
    po: update Polish translation

  [ Timo Jyrinki ]
  * po: Update Finnish translation

  [ Sebastian Krzyszkowiak ]
  * gitlab-ci: Don't use global before_script for package jobs.
    It used to work accidentally because pipeline definitions
    had been overriding before_script, which isn't the case anymore.
  * gitlab-ci: Simplify package:deb-pureos-amber job.
    Thanks to librem5-ci!14 our before_script doesn't have to
    do the apt preparations anymore.
  * gitlab-ci: Use "needs" keyword instead of "dependencies" for test+docs stage.
    This allows for better paralelism in the pipeline.

  [ Yuri Chornoivan ]
  * po: Update Ukrainian translation

  [ 寮 ]
  * po: Update Japanese translation
  * docked-info: Mark 'Undocked' as translatable too
    "Docked" and "Undockd" are user visible strings and
    only the former was marked as translatable so far

 -- Guido Günther <>  Sun, 17 Jan 2021 17:46:56 +0100