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Add issue template

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# What problem did you encounter
## What is the current behaviour?
## What is the expected behaviour?
## How to reproduce
Please provide steps to reproduce the issue. If it's a graphical issue please
attach screenshot.
# Which version did you encounter the bug in?
- [ ] I Compiled it myself. If you compiled phosh from source please provide the
git revision via e.g. by running ``git log -1 --pretty=oneline`` and pasting
the output below.
- [ ] I used the precompiled Debian package (e.g. by running a prebuilt
image). Please paste the output oof ``dpkg -s phosh`` below.
Phosh Version:
# What hardware are you running phosh on?
- [ ] amd64 qemu image
- [ ] Librem5 devkit
- [ ] nested compositor. If so please give the full command you start phosh
- [ ] other (please elaborte)
# Releveant logfiles
Please provide relevant logs. You can e.g. the logs since last boot read
with ``journalctl -b 0``.
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