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Release version 3.9.2

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Version 3.9.2
Released: 2013-09-03
* Translations:
- Add Catalan translation (Jordi Mas)
* New Features:
- Allow stock items in the AppStream XML (Richard Hughes)
- Extract the AppStream URL and description from the XML (Richard Hughes)
- Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Georges Basile Stavracas Neto)
* Bugfix:
- GsShellCategory: cancel loading when appropriate (Matthias Clasen)
- Make the XML parser a little more accepting of unknown data (Richard Hughes)
- Only present the window when the overview is complete (Matthias Clasen)
- Return the subcategories sorted by name (Richard Hughes)
- Update the AppStream metadata hash (Richard Hughes)
- Use a plural form for the category name (Richard Hughes)
Version 3.9.1
Released: 2013-09-02
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