Commit 1c4c2538 authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes
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Revert "appstream: mark applications as available when no better state is set"

This reverts commit 08ce4709.

It's just wrong.
parent 03802410
......@@ -474,7 +474,7 @@ gs_plugin_initialize (GsPlugin *plugin)
gs_plugin_get_priority (GsPlugin *plugin)
return 2.0f;
return 1.0f;
......@@ -572,9 +572,6 @@ gs_plugin_refine_item (GsPlugin *plugin,
/* set package name */
if (item->pkgname != NULL && gs_app_get_metadata_item (app, "package-name") == NULL)
gs_app_set_metadata (app, "package-name", item->pkgname);
if (gs_app_get_state (app) == GS_APP_STATE_UNKNOWN)
gs_app_set_state (app, GS_APP_STATE_AVAILABLE);
g_free (icon_path);
if (pixbuf != NULL)
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