Commit 5a8fc8fe authored by Adrien Plazas's avatar Adrien Plazas
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Revert "Launch software-properties-gtk in place of the sources dialog"

This reverts commit 8e0ddc87.
parent 6836920f
......@@ -2303,10 +2303,6 @@ gs_shell_show_sources (GsShell *shell)
GsShellPrivate *priv = gs_shell_get_instance_private (shell);
GtkWidget *dialog;
/* use if available */
if (g_spawn_command_line_async ("software-properties-gtk", NULL))
dialog = gs_repos_dialog_new (priv->main_window, priv->plugin_loader);
gs_shell_modal_dialog_present (shell, GTK_DIALOG (dialog));
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