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Release version 3.13.4

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Version 3.13.4
Released: 2014-07-23
* Translations:
- Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (Enrico Nicoletto, Georges Neto)
- Updated Chinese (Taiwan) translation (Cheng-Chia Tseng)
- Updated Galician translations (Fran Diéguez)
- Updated Greek translation (MarMav)
- Updated Norwegian bokmål translation. (Kjartan Maraas)
- Updated Russian translation (Yuri Myasoedov)
- Updated Spanish translation (Daniel Mustieles)
- Updated Thai translation (Akom Chotiphantawanon)
- Updated Turkish translation (Muhammet Kara)
* New Features:
- New first run dialog (Kalev Lember)
- Automatically suggest new application picks based on a heuristic (Richard Hughes)
- Improved screenshot resizing / padding / sharpening (Richard Hughes)
- New --prefer-local command line option to test local appdata files (Richard Hughes)
* Bugfix:
- Update hardcoded desktop filenames (Michael Catanzaro, Kalev Lember)
- Port gnome-software core to use several libappstream-glib data structures
directly instead of duplicating them (Richard Hughes)
- Adapt for spinner sizing changes in GTK+ (Kalev Lember)
- Fix the build with clang (Ting-Wei Lan)
- Use a valid icon size for the stop button in the updates page (Kalev Lember)
- Fix a small memory leak in the AppStream plugin (Richard Hughes)
- Support new-style AppStream kudos (Richard Hughes)
- Award a Kudo if an application has perfect screenshots (Richard Hughes)
- Never show installed software in the 'Picks' section (Richard Hughes)
- Only show applications in 'Other' that did not match any other subcategories (Richard Hughes)
- Add more desktop file keywords (Kalev Lember)
- Misc. spelling and wording fixes (Michael Catanzaro, Kalev Lember)
Version 3.13.3
Released: 2014-06-24
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