Commit 6a12946f authored by Kalev Lember's avatar Kalev Lember
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rpm-ostree: Set origin for installed packages

Just use 'rpm-ostree' as origin to get something that's better than an
empty field. We'll need to implement /etc/ostree/remotes.d parsing in
the future, but this should do for now.
parent 6d8fc61b
......@@ -1196,6 +1196,8 @@ resolve_installed_packages_app (GsPlugin *plugin,
/* can't remove packages that are part of the base system */
gs_app_add_quirk (app, GS_APP_QUIRK_COMPULSORY);
if (gs_app_get_origin (app) == NULL)
gs_app_set_origin (app, "rpm-ostree");
return TRUE /* found */;
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