Commit 9cb3fd9d authored by Richard Hughes's avatar Richard Hughes Committed by Kalev Lember
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fwupd: Prepend the vendor name to the device name if not included

This makes it show a sensible thing in the GsAppRow
parent a34c6c6b
......@@ -95,8 +95,16 @@ gs_fwupd_app_set_from_device (GsApp *app, FwupdDevice *dev)
gs_app_set_metadata (app, "fwupd::Guid", guid_str);
if (fwupd_device_get_name (dev) != NULL) {
gs_app_set_name (app, GS_APP_QUALITY_NORMAL,
fwupd_device_get_name (dev));
g_autofree gchar *vendor_name = NULL;
if (g_str_has_prefix (fwupd_device_get_name (dev),
fwupd_device_get_vendor (dev))) {
vendor_name = g_strdup (fwupd_device_get_name (dev));
} else {
vendor_name = g_strdup_printf ("%s %s",
fwupd_device_get_vendor (dev),
fwupd_device_get_name (dev));
gs_app_set_name (app, GS_APP_QUALITY_NORMAL, vendor_name);
if (fwupd_device_get_summary (dev) != NULL) {
gs_app_set_summary (app, GS_APP_QUALITY_NORMAL,
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