Commit ae977910 authored by Joaquim Rocha's avatar Joaquim Rocha
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Add the .desktop suffix if needed in gs_utils_get_desktop_app_info

The desktop ID given to g_desktop_app_info_new (called from
gs_utils_get_desktop_app_info) needs to have the .desktop suffix. So,
for convenience this patch ensures that the mentioned utils' function
adds the .desktop suffix when the given ID doesn't have it.
parent 29d1b0eb
......@@ -359,6 +359,8 @@ gs_utils_strv_fnmatch (gchar **strv, const gchar *str)
* @id: A desktop ID, e.g. "gimp.desktop"
* Gets a a #GDesktopAppInfo taking into account the kde4- prefix.
* If the given @id doesn not have a ".desktop" suffix, it will add one to it
* for convenience.
* Returns: a #GDesktopAppInfo for a specific ID, or %NULL
......@@ -366,6 +368,14 @@ GDesktopAppInfo *
gs_utils_get_desktop_app_info (const gchar *id)
GDesktopAppInfo *app_info;
g_autofree gchar *desktop_id = NULL;
/* for convenience, if the given id doesn't have the required .desktop
* suffix, we add it here */
if (!g_str_has_suffix (id, ".desktop")) {
desktop_id = g_strconcat (id, ".desktop", NULL);
id = desktop_id;
/* try to get the standard app-id */
app_info = g_desktop_app_info_new (id);
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