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Release version 3.13.2

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Version 3.13.2
Released: 2014-05-28
* Translations:
- Added Catalan (Valencian) translation (Carles Ferrando)
- Added Khmer translation (Khoem Sokhem)
- Added Swedish translation (Mattias Eriksson)
- Updated Catalan translation (Jordi Mas)
- Updated Czech translation (Marek Černocký)
- Updated French translation (Alexandre Franke)
- Updated Galician translations (Fran Diéguez)
- Updated Greek translation (Tom Tryfonidis)
- Updated Hungarian translation (Balázs Úr)
- Updated Indonesian translation (Andika Triwidada)
- Updated Lithuanian translation (Aurimas Černius)
- Updated Polish translation (Piotr Drąg)
- Updated Slovenian translation (Matej Urbančič)
- Updated Spanish translation (Daniel Mustieles)
* New Features:
- Implement search-as-you-type in the overview (Elad Alfassa)
- Make the project licenses hyperlinked to the SPDX site (Richard Hughes)
- Move installed updates review to a dialog (Kalev Lember)
- Support both old-style and new-style appdata files (Richard Hughes)
* Bugfix:
- Add Kalev to AUTHORS (Richard Hughes)
- Add <project_license> to the AppData file (Richard Hughes)
- app widget: Don't reserve space for buttons in the update viewing mode (Kalev Lember)
- Break out common code for a list of updates in a separate class (Kalev Lember)
- Depend on a new appstream-glib (Richard Hughes)
- Don't show _Pending in the header (Matthias Clasen)
- Fix the formatting specifiers for the i386 build with newer GCCs (Richard Hughes)
- GsApplication: Cancel the cancellable on shutdown (Kalev Lember)
- GsApplication: Don't stay running as a service when not asked to (Kalev Lember)
- menu-spec: Fix translation of some categories (Matthias Clasen)
- Never put 'Complicated' in the license field (Richard Hughes)
- Rename GsAppWidget to GsAppRow (Kalev Lember)
- Replace deprecated gtk_widget_reparent use (Kalev Lember)
- update dialog: Draw a separator between listbox items (Kalev Lember)
- update dialog: Implement better back button state tracking (Kalev Lember)
- update dialog: Use a GtkStack instead of manually hiding widgets (Kalev Lember)
- Use the AppData files in all of the datadirs (Richard Hughes)
Version 3.13.1
Released: 2014-04-28
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