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Release version 3.25.90

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GNOME Software Release Notes
1. Write release entries:
Write release entries:
git log --format="%s" --cherry-pick --right-only GNOME_SOFTWARE_3_25_4... | grep -i -v trivial | grep -v Merge | sort | uniq
Add any user visible changes into data/appdata/
3. Commit changes in gnome-software git:
git commit -a -m "Release version 3.25.5"
git tag -s GNOME_SOFTWARE_3_25_5 -m "==== Version 3.25.5 ===="
git commit -a -m "Release version 3.25.90"
git tag -s GNOME_SOFTWARE_3_25_90 -m "==== Version 3.25.90 ===="
<enter password>
git push --tags
git push
4. Create tarball
ninja-build dist
5. Upload tarballs:
git push --tags
git push
scp meson-dist/*.tar.xz
6. Install module
ftpadmin install gnome-software-*.tar.xz
7. Do post release version bump in
8. Commit trivial changes:
Post release version bump in
git commit -a -m "trivial: Post release version bump"
git push
......@@ -46,6 +46,26 @@
Validate with `appstream-util validate *.appdata.xml`
<release date="2017-08-07" version="3.25.90">
This is an unstable release in the 3.25 development series,
with the following improvements:
<li>Add a simple donation button on the details page</li>
<p>The following bugs are also fixed:</p>
<li>Do not crash if the child schema is invalid</li>
<li>Don't log a warning when clicking the the 'more results' search entry</li>
<li>Fixed subcategory names localization</li>
<li>Ensure flatpak remote names are valid</li>
<li>Fix critical warning with new versions of the fwupd daemon</li>
<p>This release also updates translations.</p>
<release date="2017-07-21" version="3.25.4">
project('gnome-software', 'c',
version : '3.25.5',
version : '3.25.90',
license : 'GPL-2.0+',
default_options : ['warning_level=1'],
meson_version : '>=0.37.0'
......@@ -227,15 +227,5 @@ if meson.version().version_compare('<0.41.0')
appstream_util = find_program('appstream-util', required : false)
if appstream_util.found()
output : 'NEWS',
input : 'data/appdata/',
command : [appstream_util, 'appdata-to-news', '@INPUT@'],
capture : true
# FIXME: remove when fixed
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