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Release version 3.14.1

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Version 3.14.1
Released: 2014-10-13
* Translations:
- New Afrikaans translation (Friedel Wolff)
- Updated Arabic translation (Abderrahim Kitouni, Shuaib Zahda and Safa Alfulaij)
- Updated Chinese (Taiwan) translation (Cheng-Chia Tseng)
- Updated Italian translation (Gianvito Cavasoli)
- Updated Latvian translation (Rūdolfs Mazurs)
- Updated Russian translation (Stas Solovey)
- Updated Serbian translation (Мирослав Николић)
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation (Iris Gou)
* New Features:
- Load 128x128 icons if they are installed on HiDPI hardware (Richard Hughes)
- Try to load HiDPI screenshots on HiDPI hardware (Richard Hughes)
* Bugfix:
- Always load the fallback icon at 64x64 size (Richard Hughes)
- Avoid flickering the spinner during find-as-you-type (Kalev Lember)
- Avoid restarting spinner animation when repeatedly calling start (Kalev Lember)
- Clear all existing applications if the store was invalidated (Richard Hughes)
- Destroy the sources dialog when it's closed (Kalev Lember)
- Disable text shadow for the updates counter label (Kalev Lember)
- Don't allow cancelling appstream plugin plugin startup (Kalev Lember)
- Don't crash when the moduleset data is not yet installed (Richard Hughes)
- Don't ignore duplicate searches (Kalev Lember)
- Don't show addons that are in unavailable state (Kalev Lember)
- Don't warn for cancelled operations (Kalev Lember)
- First run dialog nonresizable and corrected margins (Rafal Luzynski)
- Fix a race with displaying results from shell search provider (Kalev Lember)
- Make --details work again (Kalev Lember)
- Make search cancelling quicker (Kalev Lember)
- Plug a leak when adding apps to the list of updates (Kalev Lember)
- Plug a memory leak when refining addons (Kalev Lember)
- Reload the all the shells when the AppStream metadata changes (Richard Hughes)
Version 3.14.0
Released: 2014-09-22
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